The Mid Essex Law Society

Welcome to the Mid Essex Law Society's website. We are a local law Society that represents the solicitors and legal pract itioners across mid and north Essex. Our website explains more about who we are and how we support local lawyers and what the Mid Essex law Society does and how we represent our members both locally and at a Law Society level. Our members are made up of individual solicitors and solicitor firms from within the Mid Essex to north Essex region. We hope you find the information that you are looking for on this website. If you don't then please send us an email and we will do our best to assist you.

This website is intended to keep all solicitors within Mid Essex in touch with the Society and our events and activities. Events are detailed on the events page of this website.

As well as representing our solicitor and law firm members and, hosting social events to bring solicitors within the region together, a key aim of MELS is to administer legal educational programs. We have a page on this site which sets out all forthcoming events. If you feel that local solicitors would benefit from us organising an educational event on a particular topic which you believe would be of interest to solicitors in our region then please do let us know.

Legal Advice in Essex

If you are an individual or business looking to find a solicitor then we recommend that you take a look at our Members directory which contains a list of solicitor firms in our region that are members of this society. Our members cover a wide range of legal topics and can help with a wide range of legal matters ranging from assisting you in making a will to creating commercial agreements. We will be developing the solicitor directory in the future so that it will be possible to view a profile for all of our solicitor firm members so that you can get much more detail on the solicitor firm and their areas of expertise. If you are looking to find a solicitor outside of the Essex region then we recommend that you try using one of the online solicitor referral services or directories. There are many great websites out there for this but to save you the time have a look at the online legal advice section of the website Legalo where you can browse reviews for all of the law firms that we represent across Essex. Read reviews and ratings or add your own if you have used the law firm previously.

Legal Templates and Documents

A number of local law firms have begun to offer templates that they have drafted that you can purchase and then complete yourself so that you have a very affordable but reliable legal document. You could use the website as they work with a number of law firms in the county to market the legal document templates that the law firms draft ready to be sold online.